School Council

The School Council


The School Council is made up of two elected representatives from each year group.

We see our School Councillors as holding very responsible positions.

A Councillor is someone who sits on the council.

It is their job to:

  • Attend meetings regularly.
  • Talk to people they represent and feedback their views to the council.
  • Make suggestions for change.
  • Have ideas to share with the council.
  • Take on a particular task and get things done.

Being a councillor is a very responsible job as they have a lot of ideas and sometimes have to do things in their own time. Our School Coucillors for the year 2013/14 are:

Thank you to everyone who stood for the elections this year. The competition was fierce and they did so well with their campaigns. Canvassing for support has made us smile this year, we have a few politicians in the making!! Here are our new school councillors:-

Year 6B

Connor M

Sophie E

Year 6S

Sam R

Hollie M


Year 5

Charlie S

Sky F


Year 4

Owyn E

Chloe C


Year 3

Ben F

Ruby J


Year 2J

Bobby H

Grace D


Year 2F

Mackaulay S

Emily D


Year 1O

Eleanor K


Year 1B

Peter S



Working Together

We pride ourselves on working together with everyone involved with our school. Our School Council, eco-council and School Nutrition Action Group are just a few examples of how we empower children of all ages, encouraging them to voice their ideas and opinions. They meet regularly with members of the school’s Leadership Team.