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Executive Head Teacher Mrs E Bramley


Co-opted Governor

Mrs C Goodchild (Chair)


Local Authority Representative



Community Governor

Mrs K Lowe


Staff Governor

Mrs H Laville


Parent Governor

Mr M Macklam

Mrs R Prout



NAME OF SCHOOL: Oakdene Primary School 2020 – 2021

From September 2015, Governing Bodies are required to publish on their website, information about their governors:

Name, Category & Appointing Body Term of Office Committees Official Responsibility Attendance at

Governing Body

Attendance at  


Nature of Interest Resignation Date
            Pecuniary (you or a close connection – see point 1) Governor in another school/education establishment Spouse, partner or relative working in school or with business interests (see point 2.)  



Mrs Liz Bramley

Executive Headteacher

16/04/2007 Pay Review Headteacher 6 out of 6 1 out of 1 Mr P Bramley (Husband) SCITT Professional Tutor


Nil Nil N/A


Mrs Carole Goodchild

Co-opted Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

26/04/2017 – 25/04/2021

26/04/2021 –


Pay Review Chair of Governors


6 out of 6 1 out of 1 Nil High Clarence Primary School


Nil N/A
Ms Helen Laville

Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff

01.06.2018 –


N/A N/A 6 out of 6 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mr Michael Macklam

Parent Governor

Appointed by parents

17.10.2017 –


N/A N/A 5 out of 6 N/A Trust Senior Data Analyst – Nicholas Postgate Trust


Nil Nil N/A
Mr Rebecca Prout

Parent Governor

Appointed by parents

17.10.2017 – 16.10.2021 Pay Review N/A 4 out of 6 1 out of 1 Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mrs Karen Lowe

Co-opted Governor

Appointed by the Governing Body

10.05.2018 –


Pay Review N/A 6 out of 6 1 out of 1 Director at ABC Counselling, Play Therapy & Family Solutions C.I.C. Nil Nil N/A


Governors must declare any relevant business interests as well as the details of any other educational establishments they govern.  The register must also set out any relationships between governors and members of the schools staff including spouses, partners and relatives.  It is important to address any perception of a conflict of interests by making clear where such potential personal or pecuniary interests might apply; this might be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the school or the Council when dealing with outside organisations or individuals.

Note 1.           Pecuniary interest includes current employment, businesses (of which partner/proprietor), company directorship, charity trusteeship and other conflict.

Note 2.           Personal Interests can also include business involvement/company directorship or trusteeships or family or close connections to the governor (for example a company the school might have contracts with).

Examples (potential conflicts):

  • A governor whose spouse/partner is employed by the school – Should not take part in discussion regarding the school’s pay policy or any staffing matter that might impact on their partner. Both direct and indirect decisions might impact on the salary range of senior staff e.g. increasing pupil numbers.
  • A governor involved with any committee group, business or after school club who hire part of the school – Should not be party to discussion involving the use of the school or their charging policy.
  • A governor who is a supplier of goods or services to the school – Should not take part in decisions regarding the letting of contracts for that type of goods or services where a sub-contract relationship might exist.

The register of governor interests must also include details of attendance record at the governing body meetings and committees over the year and reviewed and updated on an annual basis indicating also when a governor steps down.

Associate governors must be included on the register and it should be clear when they have voting rights.

The school is required to maintain a similar register of staff interests that should also be reviewed annually – as specified in the NCC code of conduct.  Staff had previously been included with the governor’s declarations but in light of the governing body register of interests being required to be published on the school web site, a separate register should be drawn up.  Staff governors will need to be included on both registers.

The above table is available for download by clicking the link below.

Governors Oakdene Primary 20-2021