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Stay Fit & Active

There are some great ideas being shared on social media to help with staying fit and healthy

These are some ideas that have been gathered and we have been asked to share them with you.

5th April 2020

Easter Egg Hunt idea

Click on the page to see a full sized version.

We have provided some printable eggs for you to use

Click on the eggs for a full sized version to print


IMoves Physical Activity Daily Movement Routines –


Movement & Mindfulness videos


This Girls Can – Disney Workouts –


National Campaign – Eat Them To Defeat Them –



Stay Safe, Healthy and Active.

5 a Day Fitness

Dear Parent/Carer,

5-a-day Fitness would like to help schools and teachers be prepared for any situation where pupils may have to stay at home, or any closures of schools might be enforced. We want to ensure children and their families have the opportunity to continue learning, and stay as active as possible, regardless of what happens over the next few weeks.


5-a-day Fitness is passionate about getting school children and young people active throughout the school day, and beyond. We offer a video in demand to schools that are short energy bursts or brain breaks that can be used in the classroom that help to increase physical activity and wellbeing throughout the school day. This service is offered to schools through an annual subscription.

Your child’s school does not currently have a 5-a-day Fitness full access subscription, but had previously reached out to us for a trial with us and is now on a basic account. 

With this in mind, and to help keep any children who may be at home as active as possible, the 5-a-day Fitness Team would like to offer Pupil Home Access free to all schools we have had contact with during these difficult times, as a gesture of goodwill.

Please see the details below with information about how to access 5-a-day resources at home.


5-a-day Fitness is a collection of online 5-minute follow-along fun fitness routines with an array of different themes, from Pirates to Superheros, and Pop to Jive. Resources can easily be used at any time, in most spaces, and without any physical equipment.

Cross-curricular language learning resources are available in French, Spanish and Welsh, and can also be easily used at home. These language videos have MFL voice-overs and optional on-screen Key Word translations, thereby improving language reading and listening skills. 

The Time-2-Chill resources are 2-minute follow-along routines concentrating on relaxation, imagination, co-ordination and mindfulness, a great way to assist well-being.

There’s no preparation required, simply log in, select a video routine, join in, have fun, get fit and learn at home!

Please visit to log in using the details that have been sent using Marvellous Me.



  • Please use appropriate supervision and monitor your child’s/children’s online activity when using 5-a-day Fitness.
  • Please read our term and conditions before usage

TOP TIP! Bookmark 5-a-day Fitness for easy access later.


Everyone at 5-a-day Fitness is thinking of anyone currently affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.


Have fun, get fit, and learn at home!


Your 5-a-day Fitness Team