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Dear Parent/Carer,

As the threat of Coronavirus spreads, we’re aware that more schools are closing, children are being asked to self-isolate and pupils’ learning is being disrupted. Parents, carers and teachers are looking for ways to ensure the continuity of education during school closures so that no children miss out on valuable learning time.

To support you during this period, a learning resource website we use extensively in school called Twinkl is offering every parent and carer access to all Twinkl resources with a One Month Ultimate Membership, totally free of charge. This is a very generous offer so that pupils can still have access to high-quality learning during any periods of disruption.

Setting this up is really easy to do – go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

As parents or carers, you will be new to Twinkl, so you will need to create an account using the right-hand column, as above.

Once in, you might think the scale of the site is overwhelming, but the search tool (Top middle) is pretty amazing. If you search for something related to what you want to cover with your child, for instance “Year 4 time” or “Year 3 comprehension”, it will gather together resources that will cover this topic, including worksheets and even Powerpoints to help your child understand the topic.

There is a Parents’ Hub at which will give advice for parents and carers as to how to best use the site with loads of age related advice, whether your child is in Early Years, or main school. This was created with parents in mind, so it’s filled with guides and information about what children should be learning in each year group, for each curriculum area.

Even if you can’t print out the worksheets, you could have the document open on screen and your child work on paper with the screen open next to them.

It is a huge resource and if you have access to a PC, Laptop or Tablet, it will allow you to help continue your child’s education – hoping that they are well enough to study and isolation is just a precaution.