Year 3

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Y3 Home Learning Challenges                                        


Tell the time on both digital and analogue clocks.

Convert the time to 24 hour clock.

Calculate how many minutes events last, or how long it is until an event starts.

Practise and remember how many seconds in a minute, minutes in an hour, hours in a day, days in a week, days in a month (which months have which days?) days in a year, weeks in a year.


Research and try to remember the features of the following 2D and 3D shapes:

Trapezium       Rhombus        Kite      parallelogram

Isosceles triangle      Scalene triangle

Right angled triangle.

Cube            cuboid           prism         Cylinder

Prism           Pyramid


Continue to play TT Rockstars


Choose 8 numbers (pick them at random, out of a hat or roll a dice)

Practise adding 4 digit numbers.

Practise taking away 4 digit numbers. (which one will be at the top?)

Practise column multiplication 3 digit X 1 digit.



 X   4



If your adults are shopping, work out how much a range of things cost. Search the internet for things you would like to buy. How much do they cost? How much change would you get from £5, £10, £20?


Choose four numbers to create a 4 digit number.

Can you round it to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000?

Dividing by 10 and 100.

Think of a 3 digit number. Can you:

Multiply it by 10 and 100? (adding 0s)

Divide it by 10 and 100?       H     T   O   t   h



Continue reading any books you have at home. Reread your favourites!

Look online for free e-books.

Write book reports for Mrs Wilson or Miss o’Keefe about any books you have read.

Summarise the story and tell me about the main characters. What was your opinion? Why? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Would you recommend it to Mrs Wilson, Miss o’Keefe or a friend? Why?

Read aloud to your adults or other people in your house.

Listen to your brothers and sisters reading if you have them.


Write a story for Mrs Wilson or Miss o’Keefe about anything at all! Use your imagination. Remember even the most boring thing can be turned into a fantastic adventure.

Use Pobble 365 for inspiration if you have access to the internet.

Remember to plan your story with a story mountain.

You will need setting and character descriptions.

Try to include speech with the correct punctuation.

Write letters to friends and family or Mrs Wilson or Miss o’Keefe telling them anything at all you feel like writing about. Can you write one in a formal style and one in an informal style?

Keep a diary about your day and send it to Mrs Wilson or Miss o’Keefe if you want to share it.

Choose your favourite character from a book or film and write a character description about them.

Choose a photograph or picture and write a setting description.

Write a newspaper report about a current event. Get some quotes from people in your house.

Write a poem about a topic of your choice.


Practise writing in your best handwriting. Remember a consistent size.

You could use the year 3/4 spelling words to make up sentences and practise your spellings at the same time.