Year 5

If you would like to share any of the amazing work you create at home, I would love to see it. You can email me at:

Year 5 Home Learning Challenges



Keep reading your fiction and non-fiction books from school. Read any books you have at home that you enjoy!

Please write book reviews of the books you are reading and send them to me at my email address which is attached.


We have just begun writing Haikus in English about the seasons. Remember, they follow the syllable pattern 5,7,5. Can you write a mystery Haiku that I have to solve? Send these to me at my email address above!

Some other writing ideas you could do if you finish your Haiku:

-a short story

-a setting for your story – you could also draw a picture to go with this setting for art!

-an advert about your dream holiday destination (if you have an ipad at home – you could record this as a TV advert!)


Practise the key Year 5/6 spellings which are attached!

Click on the image to open a full sized page


Times Table Rockstars, Hit the Button and ActivLearn Primary are fantastic websites if you have access to the internet.

I have attached an arithmetic practice sheet. If you finish this, you can practise similar questions and also:

-short multiplication such as 34 x 5 and long multiplication such as 123 x 45 (remember to drop the 0!)

-adding fractions with different denominators

– telling the time! (Analogue and Digital!)

-make a delicious recipe and practise measuring out the ingredients (I recommend BBC Good Food – triple chocolate cookies!)



We are learning about materials and their properties in science. Choose different objects from around your home – draw a picture of it and label the different materials it is made from. Identify the properties the materials have e.g. magnetic, insulators, transparent – why were these materials used for this object? For example, frying pans are made from metal to conduct heat, but the handles are made from plastic as they don’t conduct heat to protect your hands from burns!



We are learning about China, find out about Chinese New Year and the story behind the animals in the Zodiac. Can you create a comic strip explaining what happened in the story?

If you have an ipad, could you record the story using the video function? You could even make your own animal masks!



Joe Wicks has excellent short sessions for children on YouTube to get you moving! We used these in PE at the start of the year!