Year 6

If you would like to share any of the amazing work you create at home, I would love to see it. You can email me at:


Keep up with all your amazing hard work this year by practising the revision books we have sent home. This will ensure you keep up with your knowledge! Do one mini test each day. Alongside this here are some ideas for other things you could do.


Read a range of fiction and non-fiction books and enjoy them! If you enjoy a book we would love to receive and email from you telling us all about it!


We have been writing letters in English so maybe write to your friends and family to tell them what you are up to or you could even write a letter to us.

You could write a short story – maybe building up the tension as we have practised.

Remember to start your sentences in different way and include all the punctuation we have been practising.

Spelling – Can you use some of the Statutory Year 5 and 6 Spellings

Click on the image to open a full sized page


Keep practising your times tables – use Times Tables Rockstars or Hit The Button!

Practise arithmetic – your long multiplication and division, finding percentages and lots of fraction work!


We are learning about Africa and the Benin tribe. Do some research and create a PowerPoint or fact file to send to me.

Have a go at creating your own African art or masks. Find out about the different countries and compare what life is like there.


We have been learning about the body and our hearts. Learn about the parts of the heart and draw a diagram and label it.

Conduct your own experiment – What happens when we exercise? Measure your pulse before some exercise and after and see what happens. Can you draw a graph?